Bradstone Artificial Stone Roofing Slates



                                    Old Quarried Bradstone Roofing Slates



Here at B&M, one of the leading roofing merchants Manchester and the go to company for those seeking roofing merchants in Skipton, we supply the best roof slates Manchester and beyond, including Bradstone Aritifical Roofing Slates. The continued decline of stone slate quarrying has been followed by an increasing dependence on second hand slates with a questionable further life expectancy. Sourcing reclaimed natural stone roofing is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive.

Bradstone Old Quarried Slates are readily available, highly acceptable reconstructed stone alternative which retains the essential characteristics of the original natural stone slates from which it is moulded.

Bradstone Old Quarried Slates are dressed with the characteristics of the thick, square stone roofing traditionally seen in many different areas across the UK. Bradstone Old Quarried Slates are laid in a very simple range of diminishing courses and random widths, which gives the finished roof the heavy stone appearance required, whilst reducing erection and timber costs compared with the original natural stone material.

The ease of laying and ready availability of Bradstone Old Quarried Slates in predetermined quantities, combined with the elimination of the high sorting and re-dressing costs which can be associated with the use of second hand natural materials, enables the traditional stone roof appearance to be kept alive today at relatively low cost.

Slates are twice-holed to facilitate nailing / pegging where appropiate to ensure speed of laying. Bradstone Old Quarried Slates consist of main slates, under ridge and eaves slates, with matching accessories including ridge, hip and ventilation units.

The slates are suitable for roofs down to a minimum pitch of 25 degrees. Take it from B&M Henderson roofing merchants Manchester. If you're looking for roof slates Manchester wide, do not rule out these slates! 




                                                     Technical Data



UNDER EAVES NOS. 1 400 500 / ----- / ------     -----------
MAIN SLATES NOS. 2-4 700 450 / 525 / 600 1575
  NOS. 5-7 600 400 / 475 / 550 1425
  NOS. 8-10 525 350 / 425 / 500 1275
UNDER RIDGE NOS. 11-13 330 300 / 375 / 450 1125
RIDGE UNIT   600    ----- / ----- / -----    ------------


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