Chinese Roof Slates

At B & M Hendersons roofing company Burnley, we supply all the best slates from around the world including artificial roof tiles to local areas including UPVC products Burnley wide and as a result, have gained the reputation of leading suppliers of Chinese and Spanish slates Blackburn and beyond. We specialise in importing Chinese roofing slates. Our Majestic slate tiles are one of the few Chinese slates that are NHBC approved. As the leading roofing company for roofing products including UPVC products Burnley and beyond, we import all our own stock and can deliver your chinese roof slates or any other of our product such as our artificial roof tiles or Spanish slates Blackburn and beyond within 24 hours.

                            A Brief Background on Chinese Slates

Although roof slate has been used in China for over 500 years, the modern industry is only about 20 years old. The story goes like this : in the early eighties , when China initiated its open door policy, one former minister from the Urban Construction Ministry saw expensive stone being used on top of roofs when he was visiting the United States. When he returned to China, he instructed his associates to find the same stone to export. One of the first places identified was Ziyang in Shaanxi province.

However, it was not until the mid-nineties that China began to distinguish between different qualities of slate - that some slate was fading and some was not, and other issues such as water absorption and acid resistance. This perhaps explains why Chinease slate varied  greatly in quality sometimes even in the same crate. With the introduction of new processing machines from Europe, as well as improved quality control, China is now able to produce good quality slate, although production is still rather low.

As the leading roofing company Burnley, come from the Shaanxi Province and the slate vein runs for over 200km east west and it averages 50km wide. Most of the slate was formed from the Ordovician Period approx 450 million years ago.


Sorting Slates

When it comes to sorting your Chinese slates, B&M roofing company Burnley recommmend that the Chinese slate tiles are sorted into at least three grades of thickness. It is extremely important that slates are sorted prior to fixing to ensure that slates in any one course are the same thickness to prevent kicking slates or unsightly gaps. Whilst grading any slate found to be twisted, bowed etc, should be put to one side and used for eaves or top slate, cut for half slate, valleys or chimneys. The sorting and grading of the roof slate are best carried out whilst holding the slate.


Fixing Roof Slates

Any Chinese slate work should be in accordance with the latest editions of BS5534 Part 1 : 1997 and BS 8000 : Part 6 or any other subsequent parts / editions or standards.

We advise that Chinese slate and halves be used where cutting of normal slates would result in slates with widths being narrower or less than 150mm reducing the side lap and therefore the integgrity of the roof.

Nails should comply with BS 1202 : Part 2 Copper clout with a minimum shank diameter of 3.35mm. The type of shank on the nail will depend on site exposure.


Investing in the Future

A slate roof is an investment in the future of your structure. It will reasonably last 150 years if designed and installed correctly. Slate roofs made of rock, are true green roofs. Their longevity is phenomenal and they could truly be called roofs of the future. Why? Because, when properly installed, they will funtion with grace and beauty far into the future, long after other roofs have faded into oblivion.



Contractors walking on roof slate

This is one of the worst problems with new slate roof installations. Roof slate is not to be walked on - period. It is not a floor that is being installed - it is a roof. The roof must be properly staged so the roofers are working off roof ladders and roof scaffolds. If the contractors are walking all over the slate roof during installation, it's because they don't know what they are doing and the property owner will have headaches later when the slates start falling off. Good slaters know how to fix slates, and they will not walk on a slate roof unless it's a last resort in an unusual circumstance. Slates made for floors are laid on the floor when installed. These can be walked upon after they have been securely adhered to the solid floor surface. Slates laid on a roof overlap other slates - none lie flat. These cannot be walked on without risking damaging them.

As well as Chinese slates, B&M roofing company Burnley also stock and supply an extensive range of other foreign products such as Welsh, Brazilian and Spanish slates Blackburn and beyond plus a wide variety of artificial roof tiles. For more information regarding our artificial roof tiles or UPVC products Burnley or even any other of our products or even the delivery of our products including our Spanish slates Blackburn wide, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 








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