8 Tips on Removing Snow from Your Roof

Posted On June, 21st 2017 by Admin

At B&M Henderson, roofing merchants near Manchester, we are excited for the festive celebrations to commence, but first of all, we want to ensure that all our clients are satisfied with their roofing products in Lancashire and that your family will have a warm and dry Christmas.

Adverse weather conditions can really torment your roofing structure and your roofing is most likely to fall victim to thunderstorms, hailstorms, and snowstorms in the winter compared to other seasons.

Big coats, woolly scarves and jumpers have already been dug out of our drawers as we face an extremely cold winter ahead. Our homes are where we feel the most sheltered, however, are our roofing products actually prepared to deal with the harsh winter conditions that await us?

A lot of rooftops are not easily accessible and snow removal can be extremely dangerous. It is advised that you ask professional services to come in and do the job for you. Suffering an injury in the weeks before Christmas is not what anybody wants!

However, if it is safe to do so, as roofing merchants near Manchester, we can offer you some tips on how to remove snow from your roof:

  •     Use a snow rake for pitched roofs to remove snow from your roof.
  •     Shave the snow down on the roof instead of scraping the roof clean, as it will increase the risk of damage to your shingles.
  •     Keep gutters and drains clean, free of ice and snow!
  •     Anticipate where the snow and ice will fall as you remove it to avoid pulling a load of heavy wet snow on yourself or others.
  •     Unless advised by a professional contractor, do not get on the roof or put equipment on the roof, as your roofing material may not be able to bear all the weight on top of all the pile of snow.
  •     Do not use a ladder as the ice building beneath your footwear and on the ladder can make it very dangerous.
  •     Do not use electric heating devices or open-flame devices to remove snow or ice.
  •     Remove just enough snow to relieve the excess load on the roof.

Determining excessive snow loads on your roof is not the depth of the snow, it is the weight. The good news is that residential roofs are installed to withstand most weather conditions, however, you should keep your roof relatively snow-free as possible to prevent ice dams from forming on your roof. This will reduce the risk of your roof leaking and damaging the inside of your home.

At B&M Henderson, roofing merchants near Manchester, our main concern is that roofing for our clients is properly installed to prevent any risks of damage, but also giving advice on optimal functioning all year round. We supply a range of high quality roofing products in Lancashire that are professionally installed, ensuring that you have a dry and problem-free winter!

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