Are solar panels causing damage to your roofing slates?

Posted On June, 21st 2017 by Admin

Once a little seen sight – it’s now more and more common to see solar panels adorning the roof tiles of homes across Lancashire and Manchester. If you can budget to have them installed, there are certainly a lot of positive arguments for them – after all, who doesn’t want cheaper electricity bills each month?

However, what you may not have considered, when weighing up the pros and cons of installing solar roof panels to your home, is the effect that they could have on the health of your roof.

Of course it is always a complex decision to have any roofing materials installed to your home – even with guidance from your chosen roofing company – but with some advice from B&M Henderson, you will be better informed as to whether or not to go down this route.

There is no reason that solar panels should cause damage to your roof, but it is important to know that this is a possibility, and something that you should research very thoroughly.

One important factor to consider when assessing whether your roofing slates will be suitable for solar panel installation, is that often the professionals installing these systems do not have a background in roofing. They could be unaware of the impacts on the roof performance, or indeed of the costs that can be incurred in maintaining the roofing slates.

As a roofing company in Lancashire – we have had many clients come to us from all over including Manchester, following a solar panel installation that has caused their roof to leak. In order to attach the panels, the installers have to puncture holes in the roof. While this is not a cause for concern in itself – if improperly installed, there can be lasting repercussions for your roofing slates.

Our roofing company in Manchester recommends that you have your roof assessed by a trained roofing professional, prior to any consideration of solar panels.


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