Clay Tiles v Concrete Tiles in Lancashire

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At B&M Henderson, a Roofing Company in Lancashire, we supply a variety of different roofing tiles and over the years, we have noticed homeowners favouring clay tiles and concrete tiles when it comes to roofing materials. These types of roofing tiles have distinct and attractive looks and although they can be a costly investment, they offer many benefits. We are going to go through a few differences in the roofing materials to help you make a decision between concrete and clay tiles.

Concrete roof tiles in Lancashire –

Concrete roof tiles are made from a mixture of sand, water and cement, achieving their shape and firmness through the process of heating the tiles and exposing them to high pressure. Once it has been completed, the concrete roof tiles are resistant to hail, wind and fire, which means that they are a very safe roofing material option when installed properly.

Clay roof tiles in Lancashire –

Clay roof tiles are made from baking moulded clay and the density of clay is determined by the length of time and temperature at which it is heated.

Differences between Clay tiles and Concrete roof tiles in Lancashire –

Water absorption

Concrete tiles have a higher rate of water absorption which means that it increases the already heavy weight of the tiles, and puts pressure on the roofing structure. Clay tiles have fewer issues from this due to their low water absorption.


Clay tiles are nearly half the weight of Concrete tiles and it can be difficult to install concrete tiles to some roofing structures unless the roof framing is reinforced to support the extra weight of the tiles.


Clay tiles have the tendency to crack and shatter due to extreme weather conditions, therefore, they are used mostly in warmer climates. Whereas the concrete tiles are extremely resistant and appear to be not as susceptible to damage from freezing temperatures, making them suitable in any climate.


Due to the excess weight of concrete tiles, they prove to be more challenging to maintain than clay tiles, whereas on ceramic finishes on clay tiles require practically no maintenance once installed due to the absorption rates being near to non-existent.


Concrete and clay tiles both outperform most other roofing options in durability, but overall clay tiles have proven to be a very good long term investment, lasting over 100 years.


Concrete tiles are cheaper than many roofing materials that they are compared to and are both resistant and durable. Clay tiles are a more expensive option, however, they come with more durability too.

Although many homeowners do favour these two types of roofing tiles, at B and M Henderson, a roofing company in Lancashire, we offer other roofing material with comparable performance, without the added weight, so you will not have to add support to your roofing frame before installing new roof slates. Contact us for more information on other slates, and with our expert advice, we will ensure that you are a homeowner with a roof to be proud of.

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