How can a roofing company in Lancashire add value to your property?

Posted On June, 20th 2017 by Admin

Home-buyers are quick to make subconscious judgments of houses based on their exteriors.

Prospective owners won’t view properties that appear aesthetically unappealing. Houses with sagging gutters or missing tiles simply do not get the viewing traffic you need to sell your home. Let roofing company in Lancashire, B&M explain how simply taking good care of your roof – using the best roofing products in Lancashire.

What Buyers See

Missing or broken gutters can cause water damage to the foundation and walls of your home – which in turn can affect the look and health of your roofing – it’s a cyclical problem. Potential buyers worry that the problem they can see may indicate others they can’t. They also subconsciously assume that if the exterior is poorly maintained, the interior will be just as bad, if not worse. It’s a huge turn off for potential buyers – so it’s important to know what a roofing company in Lancashire can offer you in terms of support, advice and products.

Small Investment with Big Results

When you’re selling your home, it can feel galling and worthless to spend money on a home that you won’t enjoy – however, when it comes to property, it’s all about increasing value. A dodgy roof will knock money off the asking price – not to mention, that problems with the roof can cause agreements to fall through.

Choosing to make the right improvements to your roofing in Lancashire can make thousands of pounds worth of difference – and can make the business of actually selling your home much faster!

Outdoor home improvements result in an 87% return on investment on average. In other words, the money you spend replacing your gutters will not be entirely “lost” and could help you fetch a much better price for your home.

In Addition to the Gutters …

Damage to gutters and broken roofing tiles often happen at the same time. Consider investing in a modest roof repair – or look at what roofing products in Lancashire could spruce up the exterior look of your home, without costing yourself too much time or expense. You needn’t always commit to a full roof replacement.

Get the best roofing products in Lancashire for the job

B&M Henderson, roofing company in Lancashire are suppliers of high quality roofing products – including Chinese roof slates and reclaimed roof slates. Based in Burnley, we offer a full delivery service for areas across Lancashire. Make sure you pop in to see us for any advice or products regarding the care and upkeep of your roof!

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