Pros and Cons of Reclaimed Clay Roof Tiles and Slates

Posted On June, 21st 2017 by Admin

Concrete and Clay roof tiles can have an incredibly long lifespan if they are installed well. At B&M Henderson, suppliers of top quality Roofing Products in Lancashire, we highly recommend these roofing tiles to homeowners. In terms of longevity, they would prove to be a good investment and will outlast the other components of the average pitched roof.

Typical clay roof tiles could last well in excess of 100 years even though manufacturers of roof tiles limit their guarantees. However, the average tiled or slated roof lasts less than 100 years due to the deterioration of other components used for the roofing such as the underlay.

Slates and clay roof tiles can be salvaged even if you are planning to demolish your property or investing in a new roof, and can be used on the same property or a new project.

At B&M Henderson, a roofing company in Lancashire, we have some advice on investing in reclaimed roofing for your project.

Older properties

Reclaimed clay roof tiles often look much better on older properties whereas new tiles will not enhance the age of the building.


It is a form of recycling which is extremely important as it stops roofing materials from ending up as landfill. Even broken or chipped reclaimed tiles can be used.

High quality roofing material

These roofing materials are typically good quality and long lasting, and in many cases, they are a cheaper alternative than new tiles.

Variety of reclaimed roofing available

Clay roof tiles

A popular choice as they are known to have a very long lifespan and free from rot. The disadvantage of these tiles is that the weight of them, so you would have to ensure that the structure of your house is strong enough for this type of roofing material.

Concrete roof tiles

These tiles are generally long lasting and require low maintenance. The only issue is that it suits more modern properties and is not to everybody’s taste.

Limited supply

A problem that has risen in the past quite often is that there are simply not enough reclaimed roofing tiles in a single batch to complete a whole roofing project. Ensure that there are enough tiles before you start.


The dimensions of old tiles may not particularly be suitable for your project and you may have to trim the corners so that they fit.

At B&M Henderson, we supply high quality reclaimed slates and brand new roofing products in Lancashire so if you are looking for clay roof tiles, you have come to the right place. For more information on these long lasting tiles or our other roofing materials in Lancashire, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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