Tips for Protecting Your Home Over Winter

Posted On June, 21st 2017 by Admin

With the weather taking a turn for the worse this season, it is definitely a good time to start thinking about any risks it can have to your home. There are many different situations that can put you in danger of having a damaged roof. To ensure that your roofing products are long-lasting and perform well, you should keep an eye on any potential threats that can cause instability and leaks, whilst drastically shortening the life span of your roofing.

At B&M Henderson, as top roofing company in Lancashire, we have tips to ensure that your roofing materials stay in tip-top condition and are provided with complete protection over the winter months:

Wind: In the UK, strong winds have caused havoc for properties. High winds can also lift the edges of roofing materials, allowing access to water and other debris. As soon as the wind has calme...

Pros and Cons of Reclaimed Clay Roof Tiles and Slates

Posted On June, 21st 2017 by Admin

Concrete and Clay roof tiles can have an incredibly long lifespan if they are installed well. At B&M Henderson, suppliers of top quality Roofing Products in Lancashire, we highly recommend these roofing tiles to homeowners. In terms of longevity, they would prove to be a good investment and will outlast the other components of the average pitched roof.

Typical clay roof tiles could last well in excess of 100 years even though manufacturers of roof tiles limit their guarantees. However, the average tiled or slated roof lasts less than 100 years due to the deterioration of other components used for the roofing such as the underlay.

Slates and clay roof tiles can be salvaged even if you are planning to demolish your property or investing in a new roof, and can be used on the same property or a new project.

At B&M Hend...

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